About me

Hello! My name is Derek Maciel. This site is called /dev/zero because it is a lot of nothing. Here you will find posts on the topics that interest me:

  • I’m a senior in Computer Science at Rutgers University.
  • I am a former student developer and systems administrator at OSS, which brings open source software to Rutgers. I am also a former Software Development Intern at SIG and former Software Engineering Intern at Capital One.
  • I am a long-time reader of /r/programming but I have not yet learned to religiously defend my favorite language/editor/widget in the early hours of the morning. I have also developed from /r/homelab a hunger to acquire server hardware for my apartment (having a need for it doesn’t appear to be a prerequisite).
  • I switched from Windows to Linux because I love how easy it is to get work done. When people point out I actually spend more time fiddling with Xorg config files than I ever lost from Windows Update reboots, I try (unsuccessfully) to convince myself that isn’t true.

Email me

I don’t want to put my email in plain-text, and Cloudflare email address obfuscation requires JavaScript enabled which I am not fond of, so… the following is my email address, reversed then base64-encoded:


To reveal it, base-64 decode it using one of the many base-64 decoders online (here’s one) then unreverse it. Or if you have Python 2 or 3 installed you can paste this into a terminal:

$ python -c "from base64 import b64decode as d; print(d('bW9jLmxlaWNhbWtlcmVkQGVt')[::-1])"

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